Have a question? Want to know how things work before signing up? 

We don’t blame you one bit… Check out our frequently asked ??

Do you only work with VO clients?

Right now, voiceover is the name of our game. After years of working with every industry under the sun, we decided that, while it was really fun to learn about Lego Day Camps / Karate Fitness Centers / Real Estate / Animal Hospitals / Photographers / Barbers / Tour Groups / Military Technology / Party Planners / Education Centers (no kidding, all projects we’ve been part of),  we were, quite frankly, exhausted.  Focusing on one area of expertise allows us to really get to know an industry inside&out, and truly bring out our clients’ best at every turn.  That said…we are creative folk, and aren’t above being tempted by a unique project.  Have something in mind?  Don’t ever be afraid to ask.  We love to rock the boat!

Do you take on every client who calls?

Great question! We actually don’t work with everyone…which may sound odd. I believe that the relationship between designer and client is one that requires a real connection. How can I create your brand’s look & feel if we don’t mesh/connect/understand each other and where you’re going with your business? While I try very hard to learn about each person and his or her brand, we’re all simply human, and personalities don’t always allow for that perfect fit – the essential “ahhhh” moment that makes for great design. With this in mind, I spend a lot of time in the early stages, pre-contract, deciding if we’ll mesh, and sometimes, if that doesn’t happen, I’ll recommend that we may not be the design fit for you! The goal is, after all, branding that makes you look your best, and sometimes, that means strayjax may just not be the designer for you…

How do you get to know your clients?

It can be tough, working from our little office space in far-away North Dakota…  Taking the time to really connect with people is the most important part of what we do, and there will be plenty of back and forth during each stage of design when you work with Sara.

We use every tool at our disposal: phone / e-mail / IM / text / Skype / FaceTime / screenshare and more as a means of connecting with you, and will utilize these only in ways that make you comfortable.  Love the phone but hate texting?  No problem – you’ll never get a text message from us.  Want help installing that fancy new HTML signature we made for you?  Super! We’ll connect via screenshare and take care of it, no problem.

True, personal connection is all in the details, and we aren’t going to treat you like a number or a face in the crowd.

How does "client-driven design" work?

Simple.  I will design what you want – period.  You like pink?  Awesome.  You want a microphone in your logo?  I’m not here to talk you out of it.  I expect you to come to the table with an idea of what your brand will be, where it’s headed, and what you want me to accomplish for you, visually, in order to support that plan.  To that end, I will do all that you ask to make that plan happen – think of me as the visual arm of your brand’s marketing plan…

Do you like the whole logo but want the entire thing moved half an inch to the left?  You’re the boss.  Want your VO brand represented by a pair of fighting puppies?  I’m your girl.

I do recommend that you consult with a professional brand manager or marketing consultant about where your business is going, or at the very least a group of family & friends or VO colleagues before coming to us with your ideas, as our style of client-driven design results in exactly what you ask for results…

Could I preview a contract?

Sure! Here is a sample of what you’ll get when working with us.  Our contracts are sent digitally via Adobe EchoSign, and you’ll have plenty of time to look them over before signing.

Agreements are always open to negotiation, and we will work with your specific needs and requirements. Everyone’s business is unique, right?

What is your design process?

Beginning with the all-important step of getting to know you, we spend time learning about your business & your voice.  What do you love about your current look?  How do you see your style changing?  The questions could go on forever, obviously, and we have whole conversations devoted to just this…  Some people are more comfortable with questionnaire-style formats, which we also use in this stage.

One of our favorite methods of figuring out your style and preferences for the new look and feel of your site, logo or project is by using Pinterest.  We will have you create a secret Pinterest board and share it with design@strayjax.com – then pin all kinds of things to represent your brand’s new direction.  Go nuts!  Let us see you in visual form by pinning entire websites you like, color schemes you enjoy, places you love, interior design, photos, logos you appreciate, fonts, other brands you think are great…really think outside the box here and consider how pins can help us get to know you and where you want to direct your new look!  Be sure to add good, well thought out descriptions to each pin, as it really helps us consider how each of your selections relates to you in a personal way, otherwise we may not know what it is you truly like about what you pinned 🙂

Once we have a good idea of your design direction, we’ll start working – the part of the process that may feel less connected than others, perhaps.  We really dig in, and unlike  during other phases, may not have as much back-and-forth with you as it feels like happens in other times.  This is a good thing!  We’re working hard to create your new look, and are always available for questions or new ideas – just send them our way, and we’ll stick to our 36-hour rule for responses.

Once we’ve created your look, we’ll send it to you for approval, and you’ll get to look it over and send us any changes you have.  Sometimes this process can go back and forth for a bit, as you mull things over and sit with it a bit, which we totally love.  You should be thinking of this as a long-term decision – a lot like falling in love – and while first impressions are important, it’s the lasting ones that count.

Once you’re completely happy with the design we’ve created together, we’ll send your final invoice, and release your files directly to you in all formats – .png with transparent backgrounds / high-resolution .jpg / web-ready files / .eps creation files  and any other formats you may request.

What is your payment process / policy?

We accept payments via PayPal, and invoice exclusively through them as well.  You will receive invoices from design@strayjax.com, so be sure to keep us safe and outside your spam filters.

Invoices must be paid according to the terms in your signed contract, which are typically laid out as follows: half up front / half upon completion & prior to the release of any completed design files or website login details.

If you need a payment plan set up, we can certainly talk about it prior to contract signing, and we will certainly try to work within any budget.

If you are unable to pay for any reason, we will simply keep any work we’ve done until you are able to pay for it, and will not apply any penalty or additional fee to your account. Your logo/website will not belong to you or be used by you in any way until you have paid for it in full…

Which platform do you use to build websites?

At strayjax, we build in WordPress or WIX.  We do this in order to offer clients a user-friendly site they will be able to manage on their own, while still allowing us to customize and design to the best of our ability.

Will I get to keep my original design files?

Are you kidding?  They’re totally YOUR files!  We keep them on file here in order to reformat and resize them as needed when you need different concepts mocked up, and for various projects that pop up, but we release all formats of your files, including .eps / .ai directly to you upon completion of your project.

Will I get admin login rights to my website?

Of course!  It is YOUR website, after all…  We will retain administrator rights as well if you choose to have us look in from time to time and keep things updated, or want us around to make design modifications in the future, but when we’re finished, and you’ve paid us for our work, the site belongs to YOU!!

Do you do brand analysis / marketing analysis?

Ahhh…the difference between designers and brand managers could be its own conversation and its own, wonderful page!  No, here at strayjax, we simply do what the customer asks of us, and we expect that you have come to us with a plan in mind for your brand’s new look.  We know voiceover as it applies to design, look & feel, visual branding, and style, but are not here to analyze your voice, vocal presence or how that applies to a look.  We recommend that you hire a vocal branding specialist or marketing specialist if you need help with this, or if you can’t afford one quite yet, set up a meeting with your friends & family or a group of your VO colleagues to analyze how your voice fits in to a new look & style!  Then, come to the table with good ideas about what you’d like us to accomplish for you…